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There’s nothing like a good old fashioned road trip to your favourite holiday destination and if you want to be able to carry some travel toys like surf boards, then you’ll need some good quality roof racks.

Not all mountain bikers drive pickup trucks. Some of us have cars. Some of us like the way our cars look and perform, and want them to stay that way. This is why Whispbar exists. While most roof rack systems are big, ugly and, on the highway, whistle more than the Seven Dwarfs, Whispbar systems look sleek, minimalistic and are extraordinarily quiet.

Roof racks usually look pretty chunky. That’s why we’re excited about Whispbar—the sleek profile and streamlined design looks better than just about any other rack on the market. Better still, Whispbar claims its aerodynamic design reduces the drag by as much as 70 percent when compared to other bar racks, which means a quieter ride and more gas in the tank. - Featuring WB201

A rack that works well with your car and bike can be hard to find. Releasing this November, the WB201 uses a clever single-lever design that self adjusts to all frame downtube sizes and shapes. Mounting or removing your bike is simple and fast, and because the lever holds the frame instead of the fork, you can leave both wheels on the bike.