Not all mountain bikers drive pickup trucks. Some of us have cars. Some of us like the way our cars look and perform, and want them to stay that way. This is why Whispbar exists. While most roof rack systems are big, ugly and, on the highway, whistle more than the Seven Dwarfs, Whispbar systems look sleek, minimalistic and are extraordinarily quiet.

Whispbar load bars and accessories pack in some pretty nice features. There are a few types of load bars offered, depending on your vehicle setup and preference. I opted for the Through Bars, which extend past the foot, providing significantly more real estate for accessories than the Flush Bar. The Whispbar crossbars integrate with their accessories using what they call QuickDock. The crossbars have a rubber-sealed channel that accepts the t-shaped fixing bolt on the accessories. Once the load bars are installed, adding and removing accessories is astonishingly fast and tool-free. It took me less than a minute to install two of the company’s WB200 Fork Mounts. Removal takes half the time.

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