Top view Whispbar roof rack

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned road trip to your favourite holiday destination and if you want to be able to carry some travel toys like surf boards, then you’ll need some good quality roof racks.

We had the opportunity to road test a set of Whispbar Roof Bars on a NSW south coast surfing trip and to find out whether they match the company’s claim to having the “quietest roof racks on the planet”.

Our car is compatible with one of the Whispbar flush bar set ups with a K437 fixed point mount (the other main options are a through bar system and rail bar set up).

The kit was delivered with the flush bar already assembled (deep joy load there) along with the K437 mount and the setup was fairly simple. The instruction kit is okay if you’re already experienced with setting up roof rack systems, but for newbies this YouTube tutorial below is worth taking a look at and shows just how easy the set up is to achieve.

Once it’s on, you can see that it’s a good looking and sleek piece of kit and it looks aerodynamic which is why its big claim to fame is the lack of noise when you’re driving along. The racks themselves take a maximum load of 75kg, which easily held three heavy surf boards and there was definitely a reduction in noise on previous roof racks we used. And when there is nothing on the racks at all, you hear absolutely nothing even when the sun roof is open.

Apart from the quiet and the good looks, locks come as standard with the Whispbar Roof Bars and their design means you can transfer the racks if you change your car. All you may have to do is change the mounts, which you can buy online, and the racks themselves are totally transferable. Traditional roof racks are built to suit only one mount type so buying another car almost invariably meant buying a whole new roof rack and starting again from scratch.

All in all, this is a great travel accessory which is also well priced at AU$359, it’s dead quiet and you can take it with you to your next vehicle.